The Hadassah Codes!

The secret keys to career success are hidden in the Biblical story of Esther, whose origional name was Hadassah!

In this home study course, Bishop Wayne Malcolm presents 12 strategies for professional fulfillment, based on an ancient Biblical formula. Convert your career into a Kingdom adventure today with these Hadassah Codes...

Course content

These are the 12 concepts that revolutionised

my working life and turned my career into

a spiritual adventure!

Are you one of the many who finds themselves trapped in:

· A profession with no prospects

· A business with no benefits

· A job with no joy

Unfortunately, this is the case for many, who were sold a secular work-forumla and a secular world view. The good news is that there is another formula and another way to apporach your working life. It is based on the ancient wisdom of the Bible and still works wonders for people in the modern world.

The problem with the secular work-formula is that:

· It ignores the hidden energies that empower a successful and fulfilling working life.

· It ignores the core values, convictions, drivers and standards that elevate your attitude.

· It ignores the spiritual intelligence that enlightens your social, emotional and technical intelligences.

Spiritual intelligence is what was missing from my working life. However these 12 codes or concepts brought enlightenment, energy and empowerment to my career path. In fact, they turned my career into a spiritual adventure. They took away the lethargy and replaced it with spiritual energy.

That spiritual energy acted like a magnetic forcefield around me that began attracting opportunites, partnerships and investements towards me. Doors opened, favours were given and other forms of leverage appeared.

Having decoded the book of Esther, we are proud to present these Hadassah codes as a home study course. The course comes complete with a downloadable workbook and 12 video tutorials on how to understand and implement each of the 12 spiritual strategies. The video above is a sample from lesson 1.

So if you are ready to

  • Ditch the secular formula which has failed you

  • Discover the keys work/life fulfillment

  • Energise your business or career with spiritual intelligence

  • Bring spiritual energies to your working life

  • Attract oppportunity, favour and investors

  • Impliment the Spiritual principles for professional success

Then enrol today

You can start the Hadassah codes today. With a modest investment of £97.00, you can immediately download the 100 page workbook and start digesting the 12 tutorials. Discounts are available through our partner program. Additionally, you can join one of our discussion groups of these codes for free.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
This course includes:
  • 2 hours on-demand video

  • Full lifetime access

  • Downloadable resources

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • Certificate of completion